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Anyone can do

The motto of the arrangement score of the MyGuitarSP is finger style guitar that anyone can do. I thought that there were many pieces of music that were difficult to do because the difficulty of the existing arrangement scores was too high, too low, or that the song was not included from the beginning to the end.

Therefore, it was difficult to find the song we wanted because the barrier to entry was high for those who enjoy finger style sheet music and there were not many types of sheet music. The arrangement sheet music of the guitar space was not the existing sheet music, but the popular song and pop that we know well were arranged into finger style sheet music.

Point of a score

1. It should be easy.

2. It's easy, but it should be closer to the original song

3. I don't make the chorus, but I make the score from beginning to end as much as possible even if there is a difficult part in the middle. (For those who really like this song to enjoy it until the end)

I'm making an arrangement score with the above poind. The melody of the song is as easy as possible, but I don't think it's easy to make a score that doesn't feel like it, so there may be a little difficulty in the introduction and interception of the song.

Enjoy today, too 🙂

the copyright of a sheet music

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